Five for Friday and a Freebie

I found this fun link-up called Five for Friday.


I get to list five random things that happened this week.  So here they are for you!

1. I started my new math centers.  I’ve posted about them earlier, but I am really excited about the results so far.

2. Some of the cabinets in my classroom got a good cleaning.  I donated a bunch of books to the teacher’s lounge and now there is more space for me to fill up with new books.  Take a look at them now!

The Cabinets After

The Cabinets After

3.  I tried some new suffixes activities in my classroom and the kids actually cheered by the third day.  They were excited for the assignment.  Check out this product that I made for them.

suffixes learning activities

4.  Here is a personal one – I watched with delight as my 3 year old, almost 4, learned how to hula hoop.  I laugh because I can’t get that thing to go around once.  She stands there for about a minute and it just keeps going.  It really is super cute!

5.  I found the time to add a fun freebie to Tpt.  It’s a St. Patrick’s Day theme, but that is coming up so fast.  Maybe it is something that you can use.

grammar activities

Thanks for taking a look at my list.  I’m interested in taking a look at what everyone else was doing this week.

Have a nice weekend!



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